Imagine a vast, new space to manage all your advertising in one dynamic marketplace truly driven by integrity. Welcome to AdTrades.

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A new continent of advertising driven by trust through just one marketplace.
AdTrades is a dynamic advertising marketplace that streamlines the buying and selling of ad inventory through a seamless and verified bid stream. Buyers and sellers can experience an efficient way of trading with confidence in our integrity - with anti fraud being a key piece, alongside full inventory control and superior ad quality, we strive to satisfy everyone’s needs and offer the best protection for both our buyers and sellers and this can be seen in the quality of our traffic - real humans, real data. Available for immediate trade between any programmatically enabled buyer or seller, with AdTrades, you can be sure there’ll be no barriers in your way to excellence.
Premium Global Coverage

Global buyers and sellers can trade so that geographic, technical and communication barriers are a thing of the past. Easily access top tier advertising inventory with full support of mobile, desktop, video, native and banner advertising, we can help you to achieve success at scale.

Reduce Costs and Increase Profit.

We don't believe you should have to pay more. See a much higher bid rate when buying through our optimised bid stream than anywhere else - so that your money is working harder to give you immediate return on your investment - it's a win-win for all.

Proactive Fraud Elimination

Trade safety and trust is our number one concern. We fight to remove fraudulent activity so buyers money isn't wasted on bots and sellers reputations are maintained. Buyers can be confident of cleaner & higher performing traffic across all our SSPs bought through our marketplace and real honest ad impressions.

Control at Hand, Optimisation at Heart.

AdTrades boasts a full feature self-service platform that allows buyers and sellers to trade through an intuitive and efficient interface to make your journey as smooth as possible, adding flexibility for your daily needs so resources aren't wasted. You can have peace of mind that you're in control.

An unlimited pool of opportunities

Get set up easily and start trading with scale and confidence today












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