Your powerful, yet simple self-serve DSP. Simplify your media buying process without the fuss.

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Your Demand-Side Platform, Not Ours

This "ready-to-go” robust SaaS platform makes it easy for advertisers to get set up with programmatic without having to allocate resources to build a platform themselves. Sophisticated platform features fully customised to your real-time needs ensures ultimate control for a DSP you can really call your own.

Full Support: All Formats, All Platforms

Featuring full stack mobile functionality across video, desktop, tablet and more to enable your campaign to reach the right audience at the right time and at scale - the opportunities are endless and with AdCasts you can be satisfied with true ownership of a software comparable to the industry's best-in-class market leaders.

Easy Campaign Reporting

Learn the key statistics and analytics in the success of your campaign with transparent results and additional insights. Achieve optimum outcome by easily forecasting your campaign results based on historical data.

Superior Anti Fraud Removal

Trade safety and trust is our number one concern for both buyers and sellers and we fight to remove fraudulent activity so buyers money isn't wasted on bots and sellers reputations are maintained. Buyers can be confident of real honest ad impressions in order to maximise campaign budget and for peace of mind.

Unique Campaign Optimisation

Optimise your campaigns with our multi-dimensional model combining a unique blend of human intelligence and data technology.

Quick Campaign Creation

Get your campaigns live quickly with over 50+ targeting options & integrated Data Management Platforms (DMPs) to help you.